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MANNI is a Full-service Clothing Development and Production Manufacture, Servicing for Brand Owners and Independent Designers Through High & Middle-end Brand.

MANNI has been manufacturing custom clothing for 20 years and has tons of experience in handling complex and complicated cut and sew designs. We are located in the heart of the garment base town in Humen, which allows us to rapidly obtain new trend fabrics. Over the years, we have worked with many up-and-coming clothing brand startups and assisted them in achieving not only their manufacturing goals but also their marketing goals, building long-term business relationships. With our customer base growing strongly over the years, we strive to provide unlimited customization options to customers from all around the world and assist them in reaching their targets.
Our pre-production team will translate your ideas into samples with your direction and requirements. Most of our production is done in-house, including cutting, sewing, and packaging. Printing and embroidering will be taken care of by our audited subcontractors to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. You will have options to choose from different processes, such as screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, or stone embellishment. We can also develop products in woven-knit combinations, mostly used in dresses and blouses.
We only work with suppliers that comply with international ethical guidelines, so we pay very close attention to this issue at every stage of our clothing production. Working with the right Kids Clothing manufacturers will enhance your business to a new level. With flexibility in production, variety, lead times, order quantity, and short delivery times, MANNI is the perfect choice for your business.
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